About Us

We’re Resno

With over a decade of innovation and experience in manufacturing 130,000+ letters using 200+ methods, we have successfully developed numerous solutions for fabricating Resno letters. Using patented LED technology, specialty materials, and detailed documentation standards, we have perfected our craft.  We deliver exceptional results.

Why Resno?

Value, service, and seamless delivery–every time. Resno has successfully established a standard of trust, expertise, and service with all of our clients.

Completely Customized Products

Resno is the industry trailblazer in slim, low-profile architectural letters.  With time and experience, we have created over 20 different styles that can be customized for any situation including shallow depths, narrow strokes, and fine serifs without compromising quality, integrity, or serviceability.

Driven by Bitro™

Bitro LED lights have led the industry for over 10 years.  We are proud to partner with the Bitro Group to provide superior illumination to our partners.


All Resno letters are fully serviceable.  Instead of absorbing the costs of additional fabrication or extensive labor, our service technicians can update, maintain, and correct your letters in field.

The Resno Difference

Trusted by leading corporations, designers, and fabricators, every Resno letter and icon is excellence personified.  Meticulous craftsmanship, consistent quality, timely delivery, and excellent communication separates Resno from the rest.

Detail Oriented

The Resno team is dedicated to precision aesthetics, details, and lighting.  We are committed to providing quality and uniformed illuminated letters for every project, every time.

A Culture of Innovation

The Resno company culture is driven by the central mission of providing strategic and creative lighting solutions for any situation.  Our internal R&D program allows opportunities for growth and insight as we continue to create new styles and materials.

Guaranteed Results

From the initial point of client contact through the fabrication and engineering process, the Resno team is steadfast in bringing your concept to life.  Resno project managers, equipped with extensive product and solution- based knowledge, are available to help you achieve your design vision.  Resno has successfully delivered over one thousand unique projects to its partners. It’s little wonder that we’ve established a reputation of trust, expertise, and service in the industry.